About Us

Orbis Sports is the trusted leader in providing bubble sports, archery tag, laser tag, fun fitness, and other inflatable activities to children and adults throughout Western Canada.  We travel to Alberta & British Columbia including Edmonton, Southern Alberta, Vernon, Kelowna, the Okanagan, and other surrounding areas.


We are built on the belief that individuals and communities can achieve a healthy lifestyle through fun fitness and interactive play. Our programs and activities are designed with this in mind, as they offer a new, enjoyable way to stay fit and connect with others all while experiencing new exercise modalities.

Our Vision at Orbis Sports is to be the trusted global leader of sports play and games, using bubble suits, water bubbles, bowling bubbles, archery tag, laser tag, and other FUN tools to create a positive atmosphere enhancing emotional, physical, and mental capacities.

Our Mission at Orbis Sports is to provide and promote a culture of play through physically interactive custom games that will inspire a lifestyle of healthy active living.

Our Goal at Orbis Sports is to be a  positive alternative in contrast to traditional fitness and sports recreation while maintaining a fun and safe environment, constantly adapting our sports and games to cater to the wants and needs of all of our members both adult and child.

Our Service Guarantee at Orbis Sports is to provide an exciting and hassle-free pay and play experience that can be enjoyed at any skill level.

Our core values

Positivity – providing an environment conducive of healthy, positive healthy interactions

Cooperation – integration of interactions and kindness to illicit a mutually beneficial outcomes

Creativity – the ability to adapt sports and activities to new environments 

Safety – ensuring the safety of all of our participants and spectators enjoying our activities

Our Motto
Play 4 Life

Encouragement of physical interaction and cooperation between individuals and groups, while maintaining a safe environment, is at the heart of what we do – this is one of the ways Orbis helps to form a strong sense of community. We continue to provide our services for public and private events, including religious organizations, charities, fundraisers, sports teams, stags and stagettes, and birthday parties. Our youth-sized bubble suits even give children and their families an opportunity to get active and have fun together! We also cater to corporate event add-ons and team-building events for companies that are looking to spark a culture of health and positivity in the office. It is our true multi-sport background that allows us to offer a number of awesome bubble sport activities in a variety of settings.

Bubble suits and the pursuit of play have created a family-friendly alternative to regular fitness and sports recreation. Our options give people a great, barrier-free way to play sports and activities. Playing Orbis Sports & Activities is comparable to exercising at the  gym or playing a rigorous round of sport! – except our participants are laughing, bouncing and rolling during our customized play-outs! Our team of professional health and wellness coaches ensure a friendly, interactive environment, where people of all ages can work on the fundamentals of fitness with a smile on their face and enjoyment in their hearts. – Founder Kyle James, Leduc

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