Laser Tag

OrbisLazerz is the future of action sports. Team up or go solo for a battle like no other. Completely customizable, choose from over 12 weapons with realistic sound effects. Aim like a pro with 5 scope options. Easy to use for any age and so realistic you’ll be blasting and diving your way to fun! Team Battle, Free For All, Infected and more!

Archery Tag

OrbisArcherz is our new archery based action sport. Pick from a number of game styles and course layouts. Try to best your family, friends and/or workmates in an action packed match of skill and agility! Choose from popular game styles like team battle, double team, free for all and more! Team Battle, Free For All, Infected and more!

Bubble Kidz

Orbis Action Sports has child and youth size bubble suits! Let children as young as 4 years old play un structured activities perfect for engaging youth in fun, physically bubble sports. Parents are encouraged to engage with their Bubblekidz during PLAY time!

The Orbus

All aboard the Orbis Orbus! Our one of kind equipment and team hauler dedicated to bring you the biggest, brightest, loudest most adventurous experience ever! Equipped with lights, music and of course all the Orbis Action Sport games on the planet! The Orbus is truly a one of a kind ;)!


Strap in! This is a game that requires lots of ENERGY. Two people find themselves face to face within the bowling ball bubble, speeding down the lane powered by a team of 4 or more! Bubble bowling a great way to team up and get everyone smiling and laughing. Welcome to BubblePinz!


Blast off with Orbis bubble soccer! Starting face down on their bellies, teams wait for the coach to give the signal! Once the whistle has blown its time to spring up and to the centre and battle for the ball! This is the roughest, toughest game of soccer you will ever play!
Welcome to BubblekKickz


A game for ballers! Create picks and plays weaving up the court with 2 other team mates while 2 bubble baller bounce and block plays for you! Try this version of bubble basketball,
Welcome to BubbleDunkz!


Known as America’s favourite passed time, soon to be the world! Orbis sports is proud to introduce bubble baseball!  9 players storm the field for our very own version of California kickball. Known as BubbleBasez!


One participant in the centre of the field or the “bubble bull pen” where then they must face a line up of the rest of the participant who charge the field from end to end, trying to escape the from the bulldog who’s job is to bump them down which turns them into a bulldog. Be the last one standing and win.

Do you have what it takes be ULTIMATE BubbleBulldog

Red Rover

Just like red rover but in bubble suits! Two lines of participants face each other. Each team calls over one person at a time. The person called runs at the other wall of bubbles and tries to knock the other team down. Whatever participant on each  team is knocked down, the loser (fallen participant) will swap teams, If both teams fall a draw is called.
Welcome to BubbleRedrover

Mario Kart

Just like the video game, each player starts with 3 balloons (foam balls) attached to their bubble suit. Once the time begins, the object of the game is battle the other players knocking of their “balloons” while trying to maintain your own balloon safety! The individual or team with the most on at the end, WINS! Team Battle & Free For All!

H20 Bubbles

Have you ever put your hamster or guinea pig into their own little run around exercise ball? Jump into one of our custom made water zorbs! Now you, just like your beloved pet can run, spin, crawl and hurl yourself about in your very own LARGE Orbis Water Bubble. Welcome to Orbis H20