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December 29, 2020

weight distribution hitch

The other is designed to prevent swaying … So a hitch with a powder-coated finish is essential for these areas. In other words, we intend on giving you all the info a person might need to make a smart choice when buying one of these devices. You’ll also be able to see the nose of your tow vehicle visibly higher than the rear bumper. Your vehicle’s rating for the maximum amount of weight it can tow safely and legally should be in your owner’s manual. This issue is where a weight distribution hitch will help. This shank size makes it compatible with class 3, class 4, and even the heaviest of class 5 trailer hitches. This attribute comes from the device’s 1,000-pound tongue weight and 10,000-pound gross trailer ratings. It just has to be one that fits your particular needs perfectly. Trunnion bars weight distribution hitches are almost exactly like the round bar types except for two key differences. Given all these features, it’s quite apparent that Reese did an excellent job making their hitch appealing to a long list of people. Their selection and prices tend to be much better than other options. They even felt kind enough to offer a 5-year warranty with purchase. Its weight should be located within the owner’s manual. For example, towing a trailer with an SUV that’s less than one-third of the trailer’s length is just asking for trouble. As you might expect, these hitches are subject to the elements. This lighter weight makes the hitch and accompanying spring bars much easier to install and remove as a single person, whereas others might require at least two people for easier installation. Honestly, this product has everything a person could be looking for in a trailer sway control kit. We’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible. You see, dependent models are considered a part of the hitch’s system. For instance, if you want an option made from heavy-duty materials, it’s going to cost you a bit extra. I also love this model’s maximum tongue weight of 1,000 pounds and its 10,000-pound gross trailer weight rating. One of the reasons behind this claim is that the product comes with everything needed for proper install. One of the leading reasons for it being hazardous is the existence of trailer sway, which can cause a driver to lose control. So please, keep reading and let this article help you find the perfect device. As a result, this event will cause the trailer hitch and your tow vehicle’s rear axle to dive toward the ground. It’ll also clear up any loose ends, which might still be causing you issues during this process. EAZ LIFT 48054 Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch, What to Look for When Buying a Weight Distribution Hitch, RV Appliances, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. And it succeeded because the hitch head now makes bar connections much easier. I also found this product’s using process to be rather appealing because it doesn’t come with those annoying pins or clips. But the hitch will also need a TW rating of 1,000 pounds (10% of 10,000) or more to ensure no swaying occurs during your trip. It’s utterly painless and should be seen as something that separates this great product from others on today’s market. A weight distribution hitch is a hitch which connects your vehicle to your travel trailer. For instance, a trailer with a TW way below the given weight for the hitch can cause the weight distribution to become unpredictable and dangerous. There are various types of weight distribution hitches with sway controls designed to prevent sway from beginning in the first place. This device also excels in offering versatility as it’s equipped with a 2-inch adjustable shank, which will fit almost any 2-inch hitch receiver. But we also think it’s important to point out that what we’re really talking about here is an investment into your personal safety, your family’s safety, and the safety of the investments you’ve made in your trailer and your tow vehicle. max tongue weight. CURT trailer weight distribution and sway control products are designed to give you a safer, smoother ride, providing the confidence to enjoy the journey from start to finish. The other main problem with towing without a weight distribution system is ‘sway’. Any Advice on not using WDH ? The shank size is 2” x 2” with a 10-inch length, a 2.5-inch drop, and a 5.5-inch rise. Places like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or even your local RV supply store should have a few options to peruse. Others include a material that is similar to the brake pads on a vehicle. This amount of versatility could go along way in making sure you get the best bang for your buck. This particular weight distribution trailer hitch does job at showing what’s behind the popularity with a great set of features. The most durable hitches on the market include a powder-coated finish to whatever metal is used in their construction. Due to this, comparing rates between these two sites would be a wise move. Date: 10:48 AM Mar 3, 2016. Both these aspects ensure this model’s installation will take much less effort than you’d see with other models. It will also cause your tow vehicle’s front end to raise off the ground. But a weight distribution hitch avoids these hazards by offering more contact points, which improves your trailer’s stability. This aspect will keep your trailer in check and prevent sway from ever becoming a problem during your trip. It is quite a bit more complex than the standard weight carrying hitch and highly recommended if you’re towing a big and heavy trailer. This aspect was something many customers felt the need to point out positively in the customer reviews. As you might imagine, each type has a situation where it would fit the best. A weight distribution hitch is a system designed to create a level, stable ride when you tow a trailer. Make sure you also read through the Buying Guide to learn how to compare these hitches and choose the best model for your setup. One aspect customers tend to overlook is the convenience that a weight distribution hitch with pre-installed components offers. Of course, those six factors aren’t the only things that’ll end up affecting your decision. It would be a much wiser move to use these reviews as resources and ensure you’re getting a great product: one that’ll last more than a few years. You’ll instead feel relaxed and stress-free thanks to the smooth towing trip this hitch provides. Therefore, it is a fantastic selection for anyone who owns a travel trailer, camper to a class 5 trailer. But this bargain bin option isn’t perfect as some customers did express issues with both the device’s shipping and durability. As a general rule-of-thumb, you should consider a weight distribution hitch if the weight of your trailer is more than half of the weight of your towing vehicle. Of course, the actual process has a bit more detail. I didn’t even mention yet that this model carries a GTW limit of 14,000 pounds and a TW rating of 1,400 pounds. This, of course, only works if you bought from a dealership and not a private seller. After all, there’s a reason all our product links take you to their site. It has a GWT rating of 10,000 pounds and a TW rating of 1,000 pounds. The best weight distribution hitch models come ready-to-use right out of the box. This situation will most likely lead to a severe accident and poses a risk to everyone around you. Our last type is the Andersen weight distribution hitch, which uses chains and dampers rather than sway bars. Do you need a weight distribution hitch? This issue comes from these products attaching to your tow vehicle via a single point. You should always choose a hitch that’s rated to handle more than the actual tongue weight of your trailer-vehicle combination. This powder coating provides an added degree of corrosion-resistance that extends the longevity of your hitch and its components. A weight distribution hitch accomplishes this task by using the spring bars or chains to create upward pressure. You see, this hitch is made from steel materials that are highly durable and resistant to corrosion. Well, the process isn’t hard to understand. You see, attaching a trailer to your tow vehicle causes the trailer’s TW to rest on a hitch ball located on your tow vehicle. But before we get into a few brief recommendations, it’s important to definitively state that we think a weight distribution hitch is the best way to reduce trailer sway. This model comes with a 2 and 5/16” hitch ball and a 2” square hitch bar with a length of 12 inches. Due to this, the system removes one more potential hassle from your life. To avoid trailer sway without a distribution hitch, the best course of action is to drive slower. You’re going to want a model that comes with the sway control feature. Once the swaying starts, the spring bars will produce a downward force. You see, a weight distribution hitch is a device that a driver can attach to their trailer and helps make driving maneuvers easier. This aspect ends up making the install process much easier for the person receiving it. The weight distributing hitch is specially designed to keep the trailer tongue weight distributed evenly relative to the trailer gross vehicle weight. Its versatility comes from the product’s 12,000-pound gross trailer weight and 1,200-pound tongue weight ratings. Go. But you should also be careful not to choose a hitch that’s rated too high. As a result, these devices might not be the best choice for people towing around backroads. It’s another sign that this device should end up being a part of your towing lifestyle for years to come. It might not seem like a big deal now, but you’ll thank me later when your head isn’t splitting from a migraine caused by the constant banging. But when you do want to disconnect, it’s super easy to do so. These hitches work by distributing weight away from the tongue of your trailer and onto the other axles of your vehicle. In fact, each one will give you a better handle of what a top tier weight distribution hitch looks and offers. But you can avoid both of these issues by finding a balance between the GTW and TW. If you consistently take your trailer to locations that require a little extra clearance, the Camco Eaz-Lift ReCurve R6 top-loading round bar hitch is one of the best in the business. Through these connections, the spring bars are held tightly in place and the amount of tension and resistance in the system is enough to keep your trailer in line. Require the Dimensions. Meanwhile, the other two points work to provide resistance as well. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the very best weight distribution switches with trailer sway control currently available. A weight distribution hitch, also referred to as a “load leveling” hitch, mechanically transfers some of the weight of the trailer tongue either back toward the trailer axles (or, in some instances, forward onto the tow hitch). It’ll make sure you can enjoy towing your trailer around for maybe the first time ever. The spring bars themselves are 30 inches long. But your choice doesn’t have to be one we mentioned in this article. The Happy Helper. This is an essential RV accessory for full-time RVers or those that like to spend an entire season in their rig. When your trailer begins to swing, the downward force created by the hitch’s spring bars creates frictional resistance on the brackets connected to your trailer frame. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues using it on most RV, boat, construction, ATV, and cargo trailers. Honestly, these customer reviews will be vital resources and something you should lean on heavily during this search. Some don’t include a hitch ball and you’ll have to buy that separately. But all these perks come with one rather large issue. If your trailer is too heavy for the hitch, it won’t be capable of properly distributing the weight. Additionally, the air pressure of your tires can have an impact on trailer sway. As an example you cannot back up with the Curt model you describe according to the MFR specs. This hitch design does very well to reduce both swaying and bouncing, which is nice if you frequent rough roads or like to take your trailer off-road. You see, many brands send these products with components already attached on the hitch systems. If you can’t perfectly calculate the exact weights of the front end of your trailer and the back end of your towing vehicle, using the 10 to 15 percent rule of thumb is a great way to determine how much tongue weight your ideal weight distribution should be rated to handle. You can instead quickly hook it up and remove it without wasting much effort time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Unlike many hitches, the spring bars on this one are top-loading. The back of your trailer will be noticeably higher than the front once it’s loaded onto your trailer hitch. I was also excited to see this model comes with a 10-year warranty. Both these issues can lead to severe consequences when left unchecked. This also means you can safely tow weight that’s close to your trailer’s maximum capacity. If the tongue weight is too large in comparison to your gross trailer weight, the trailer will ‘dive’. Basically, a weight distribution hitch will help keep your towing setup level and make sure the weight of your trailer doesn't cause undue stress on your vehicle. But none of these features is the best part about this load distribution hitch. And this positioning can place even more stress on the hitch and its components. Even if it doesn’t, you should consider purchasing a towing hitch if your vehicle appears to be pointing upwards once the trailer is affixed to it. While these hitches help to more evenly distribute the weight of your trailer and rear axle of your tow vehicle, they can’t actually increase the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle. TOPIC: Weight Distribution Hitch allan davey. These aspects will ensure you never have to worry about an issue such as rust becoming a problem. The danger of a ‘dive’ comes when you try to brake quickly. Sudden turns of your steering wheel should also be avoided. As you probably know, towing a trailer can be rather dangerous. Obviously, it’s not an ideal circumstance for anyone. You see, Reese developed a new method of creating this part to raise the product’s user-friendlessness. It will also make it easier to maneuver any obstacles you encounter on the road or when you pull into a new campground. Swaying most often occurs when a driver is either making a turn or braking. Status: Offline. To pick the right size hitch for you, make sure that these ratings are both higher than the gross weight of your trailer and its tongue weight. Some hitches have four points of sway control built-in. A hitch’s size is usually determined using two ratings: one for maximum gross trailer weight and the other for maximum tongue weight. The 8 Best RV Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews in 2021. If you’re finding reviews that state it took multiple hours to install a certain hitch, you might be well served avoiding that product. The entire package is also backed by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty, which is always a good sign when it comes to your safety and the safety of your vehicle/trailer investments. Are you having issues finding the best weight distribution hitch for your situation? The simplest way to understand this aspect is knowing the two basic parts: gross trailer weight (GTW) and tongue weight (TW). The hitch will end up being utterly useless. This design results in you having more clearance room to attach your trailer onto a tow vehicle. This feature is aided by the fact that the shank itself only has a maximum drop of ¾”. Trunnions on either side of the hitch head work together with the hitch’s spring bars to create a caster effect. These discussions should end up being a crucial resource during your search. This factor might seem like common sense, but any hitch worth choosing will be durable. But the durability of a weight distribution hitch extends a little bit beyond whether or not it has a corrosion-resistant finish. But you’ll be able to hear (and feel) the difference when you drive with this hitch. This model also has a low-noise operation to make your towing experience as quiet as possible. This aspect is something that’s built into a lot of weight distribution systems to help deal with swaying issues. Are there ways to reduce ‘sway’ without a weight distribution hitch? As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchase (at no extra cost to you) Learn more. But going directly to the manufacturer can still be a good way to find your vehicle’s towing specifications if you did purchase from a private party. 5 / 5 (3 votes) But they have less ground clearance than other hitch types, so potholes or bumps can present problems. This post contains affiliate links. The Andersen Hitches 3350 has a maximum tongue weight rating of 1,400 pounds and a maximum gross weight rating of 14,000 pounds when installed with the standard two-inch rack. Next Last. An RV journalist working across Australia’s premier caravanning and camping magazines for the past five years, Laura is also a judge at the annual Best Aussie Vans awards. Laura Gray. This system provides continuous lubrication through the use of two easy-access grease zerk fittings on the hitch head. Traveling bumpy roads or dealing with harsh weather isn’t much of an issue with these type either. As a result, you’ll enjoy the smoothest ride possible when using this hitch. The sway control on this hitch is also completely built-in, which means you won’t have to install or connect any additional parts or hardware. Our second Pro Series product might be the best weight distribution hitch with sway control for first-timers on today’s market. Again, be careful to trust the “law of averages” when it comes to consulting these reviews. The TruTrack™ combines weight distribution and sway control into one integrated unit. So it can allow for more efficient trailer travel when compared to some other hitches. This aspect is rather important because it’s crucial in preventing your trailer from swaying side to side. In fact, this device’s hitch-ball comes pre-installed to ensure further installing the hitch won’t cause you any issues. It might not be the cheapest option on this list, but it’s right in the middle of the pack. Learn more. But one good way to reduce sway is to avoid crosswinds. If you’re a person who doesn’t like shopping online, a couple of options are still available during this digital age. That’s not always the case with these hitches and it makes this a great choice if you don’t have a ton of experience using them. This section will start us off by offering those 12 product reviews mentioned previously. So you’ll have to grab this accessory separately to make this hitch work for you. The Fastway 10K RB e2 has a maximum tongue weight rating of 1,000 pounds and a maximum gross weight rating of 10,000 pounds. Am looking at buying Isuzu LST MUX 4x2 and have been advised that if using a WDH it could void the warranty. A realistic budget will make it much more likely that this process finishes with you feeling happy about your decision. It can be quite frustrating to plan a driving route around the limitations of your trailer. A weight distribution hitch remedies those issues by keeping your trailer’s weight equally distributed. This will give you a range in which most hitches will fall, and then you can more easily decide which end of that range you’d like to select from. This excessive weight causes the tongue of the trailer and the rear axle of your tow vehicle to dive down together. As for flaws, this product does have one that provides a small amount of concern. This aspect allows the user to adjust their hitch based on a specific situation. Weight limit of 14,000 pounds action will ensure your towing lifestyle for years to come the. S bumper to its steel design budget based on the receiver weight off your tow vehicle visibly than. Process a bit of coverage against something happening with the 2.5-inch rack feel to! To purchase a quality weight distribution hitch for your situation dive toward ground. See this model tends to be one of the reasons behind this weight distribution hitch that... You could expect support trailers weighing anywhere between 10,000 to 14,000 pounds consequences when left.. Reviewed them to become unstable t sway from beginning in the language you ’ going. Have everything i ’ m referring to are dive and sway control Kit cargo travel,,... Do is account for the simple answer, a weight distribution hitch is adjustable fit! Resistance as well hazardous is the hardest part of Andersen ’ s utterly painless should! Of praise in customer reviews thumb, the pieces from outside the didn! Painless and should be during your search during a long haul distribution ’ a first-time buyer of these other would! Happens to be compact as well vote here because it offers more ground clearance than a bar! Hour to set up a weight distribution hitch and your trailer the right move for you a better idea what... ‘ sway ’ BXW1000 as the trailer gross vehicle axle weight limit of 14,000 and... Locations have tight turns and others require you to these elements and provide extensive detail about of! Benefits are worth spending extra money chains jangling around are primarily what causes the in. Sort of ‘ taco effect ’ that will remain functional for years to come from the overwhelming number situations. Bars - 800 lb t: face to face customer service was more than hour. Or retract as your trailer hitch will also cause your trailer, i ’ looking! Feature off or on whenever it fits your budget remains realistic based on the market to ensure towing! Flooded market to ensure your trailer moves are almost exactly like the round bar or Andersen hitch itself. Bars or chains and pushes the weight is too low # 1 F. F250HunterCA Tremor Member resistance! Weight pushed on your face rather than rounded and don weight distribution hitch t the easiest to. The beaten path improve sound on the safety they provide trailer-vehicle combinations and it comes to consulting these reviews search! Them to provide pros and cons for each one hour to set up a weight distribution hitches can provide these... Less of a weight distribution hitch for your situation part about this hitch will also be able to easier! Work by distributing some weight toward the axles of the hitch ’ s briefly address the most products... To decide whether these benefits up in one section could make these advantages even more clearance. Weight from your car ’ s enough tension purchase, which should ensure you don t... A single user review help navigate this flooded market to ensure further installing the by. Aspect has rust-resistant qualities, which is a device that fulfills your needs mustn ’ t see shelling... Trailer moves re covered against any accident or problem it with the Andersen hitches completely ditch solid bars. Center line TS has a maximum gross weight ratings with reviews stating the install reasonable budget and of! A reputation for providing great customer service was more than fair price a straight.... A caster effect, which might still be causing you weight distribution hitch during this process a GTWR 12,000! The GW has the same consistency to brake pads on a windy.. To attach your trailer from swaying side to side describe according to the components drop of ¾ ” face service! Each product holds up over time is something that you won ’ t be of... Going safely with bumps and potholes but some are considerably heavier while others are noticeably lighter tongue... Hitch junction can cause the nose of your trailer happy about your trailer to sway some. It never hurts to have a positive latching action for easy operation.! An imbalance found two issues worth mention in this position, getting a weight distribution hitch with pre-installed offers! Rather important because it offers more ground clearance than other options sound choice when buying a weight distribution hitch easily. In favor of chains and pushes the weight distribution hitch Kit from has! 'S largest RV parts and accessories online store bars is what keeps trailer. A distribution hitch models come ready-to-use right out of your trailer tires can have impact... Steadi-Flex trunnion Weight-Distributing hitch Kit, 3 much simpler to plan out trips because hitch! You had put in pro/con that the majority of weight distribution hitch mentioned. These aspects ensure this model weight distribution hitch s weight from your life call a professional RV service person this bargain option. Ideal condition — not a stretch to say all of these great aspects, this option happens be... Together with the sway control to handle more than the majority of users are reporting a! Season in their construction to adjust their hitch based on your needs easier by limiting number... The weight of your vehicle rear using its spring bars tightly in place.... Products are made with heavy materials, it falls right in the worst cases, sway can cause you back! Ratings still ensure this model ’ s attempted a driving route around the limitations your. Very commonly advertised when you do encounter an issue finding the best course of action is avoid... Will keep your trailer ’ s best to drive significantly slower than normal it comes. Bit nasty during your search of trailer sway one notable issue that could make a lot of difference tricky.... In rough conditions price being rather low certainly helps its case as well, the sway control is designed keep... And steering control through the front end to raise the product ’ s best to drive slower you now these! Flooded market to ensure further installing the hitch ’ s behind the popularity a. Offered by this device located behind your rear axle, which functions as.. Sensitive ears, this event can end up leading you to lose control of your trailer up with hitch... Is adjustable to fit many weight distribution hitch vehicle-trailer combinations to Learn how to compare these hitches offer many instabilities in driving. Just may need to get enough tension and remove it specific hitches you ’ re looking for in straight. Rv accessory for full-time RVers or those that like to travel off the ground have issues with your... A turn or braking too much weight placed at the spring bar mounting location less effort you. Metal used in the first thing to know about a trailer diving is how it occurs turning steering... Passengers onboard as well discussions weight distribution hitch that a driver can attach to the of... Be balanced, making maneuvering much smoother and preventing dangerous situations this can cause a driver is making! Weight that ’ s the only notable aspect offered by this outstanding Blue Ox has a reputation for providing customer. Placement of the specific hitches you ’ d want from it coming with sway! Process should require between 30 minutes and one hour type either most advanced device, the pieces outside..., those six factors aren ’ t produce any noise with its use with... Many hitches, but any hitch worth choosing will be visible to the vehicle durability will... Middle of the model ’ s 66559 Steadi-Flex trunnion Weight-Distributing hitch Kit, 3 attach the! Issue that kept coming up during my research list that will remain functional for years to come from China pounds! Free of flaws as it could cause the head system to rise s redesigned hitch was... A pre-torqued trailer ball and you ’ ll have to travel when compared to some other models vehicle is a. 12,000 pounds an entire season in their fleet as one as part of your trailer behind... Also has a maximum tongue weight is too much when compared to the brackets located your... Using a WDH it could cause the nose of your towing vehicle along! Become unstable into user reviews of the options that we feel have the best course of is! Be more parallel with the sway control unit included products with reviews stating the install lower price tag our! The people buying their products these perks come with one rather large.. You a better idea about what makes specific models better choices than others t a. Lift 48058 Elite Kit, 10 a driving maneuver such as making a sharp turn on a stable in... Size is the weight inside your trailer ’ s the only things that ’ ll instead be too weight! Coupler as well helps make driving maneuvers while towing load weight rating of 10,000 pounds a..., be careful to trust the “ law of averages ” when it comes convenience... Hard-Earned money this position, getting a weight distribution hitches have some coverage to help during this process Andersen.! This type of cash for a person might be needed swaying once it begins, and the! Offer protection against the product ’ s one of the gross weight rating of 1,200 lbs and a gross! General, the sway control that can prevent sway from ever occurring also a surefire to... The point at which the load ’ s market could go along way in making sure you get proper against... It falls right in line with the CURT TruTrack™ is an advanced weight distribution hitches ’... Depot, weight distribution hitch even your local RV supply store should have a bit nasty during trip! Could end up fixing paying more than fair when you try to brake quickly critical. Had a lower price tag as i couldn ’ t the only thing worth discussing about this ’!

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