A good old game of Touch Football done the all-new bubble sport way!

Players throw on big bubble suits, inflated to thrice their normal size, and enjoy loads of bumbling and tumbling while running and passing. Onside or offside, it’s a total blitzkrieg unleashed on the field.
Lots of big bubbles passing the pigskin! That’s Bubbleblitz, folks!


  1. If you have the ball and a player or bubble touches you, the play is over.
  2. Players without bubbles are not allowed to hit players with bubbles (although a small amount of contact may be permitted).
  3. Players with bubbles are NOT allowed to hit players without bubbles but are encouraged to create “picks.”
  4. If a bubble comes within a reasonable distance from the QB, the referee will blow the play dead.
  5. When the referee blows the whistle, STOP. The play is over.
  6. Have fun and get creative!

Game Play

  1. Game starts with a kickoff, where the bubble players line up 15 yards apart.
  2. The kicker runs and kicks the ball upon first bubble contact. The play resumes as a regular touch football kickoff play.
  3. Each play begins with all offensive bubble players on the line of scrimmage. The QB lines up 5 yards behind them.
  4. When the QB is ready to begin the play, he will raise the ball over his head to signify to both teams that the play has begun.
  5. Plays are over when a pass is incomplete or the ball carrier has been touched by a defender, either in a bubble suit or not.
  6. The offence has 4 chances to progress the ball 10 yards, with the option of punting.
  7. Punting is the same as a kickoff except the ball is held by the punter instead of being placekicked.
  8. No field goals.
  9. Extra point can be 1 point (5 yards out) or 2 points (10 yards out).
  10. Each half is 30 minutes of run time.
  11. Players may choose to substitute players (in and out of bubblrd) at times specified by each individual group (may vary from group to group).

Available for Corporate, Public, Private, and Kids events!

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