That’s right bubble fans, Orbis Sports has child and youth size bubble suits!

Do your children lose interest in one activity and have endless bouts of energy? Well, we've got the solution for you! Let us cater to your kids next birthday, bar mitzvah, or youth-oriented activity. Choose from a multitude of old and new school games that are perfect for letting of steam and engaging youth in physically interactive social play.

Old School

Play classics like Bubble Bulldog, King of the Ring, King of the Hill, Duck Duck Goose, Reverse Tag, and Red Rover!

New School

Play new bubble games like Bubble Bowling, Big Hit Battle, One on One or Team Elmination, Offence Defence, Sumo Battle, or our special Obstacle Course!

Orbis Sports Kids Playing

Fun for all Ages 3+
Custom Tailored Events and Games
Fun, Safe, Exciting

Custom Coached Multi Game Event

Custom coached events allow groups to participate in a variety of different sports activities and games within the time allotted.

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