Corporate Events

Orbis in the workplace! Are you tired of team building exercises that don’t actually encourage teamwork? Or perhaps you’re just not getting enough movement to help stimulate fresh blood flow and new ideas?

Let Orbis Sports take care of all of that! Plan your next team-building event with us, and allow our team to engage all sectors of your organization in a fun, physical way. We are focused on promoting a culture of health, positivity and teamwork!

Private team bonding

Great for small companies and organizations looking to build better camaraderie between team members.

Family-friendly Events

Great for medium to large companies looking to integrate their organization as a whole, including staff, family and children.

Event Add-ons

Do you have a company event that is missing that special something? We can provide the perfect addition to any existing event or function.

Bubble League Field

True Team Building Environment
Improve Communication Skills
Physically Engaging

Consecutive Event Programs

Allow us to custom tailor a program that suits your needs, this options allows macro programming where scheduled events are allotted on certain days with different focuses in mind. Games, sports, play, fun, fitness, bonding we cover it all! (corporate challenge, summer camps etc.)

Ready for your Orbis experience?