With the help of a Paddle Canada Certified instructor, you will learn how to truly coast. We’ll teach you everything from the fundamentals to advanced skills from our Okanagan Lake location. You’ll improve your entire technique by learning new paddle strokes, strengthening your core, and learning how to use your muscles more efficiently. Whether you want to learn how to paddleboard for the first time or develop your skills, our Orbis Sports will create a training plan just for you.

What Exactly is Paddle Boarding?

Paddle boarding is quickly becoming a popular water activity. Paddle boarding, in addition to providing a full-body workout, can be a wonderful way to appreciate gorgeous landscapes and wildlife. But what exactly is paddle boarding?

SUP (stand up paddle boarding) is a newer derivative of paddle boarding that has only been around for about a decade.   Unlike surfing, this activity may be done in a lake or river as well as the ocean.

It’s like a mix between surfing and kayaking. However, unlike surfing, paddle boarding does not need waves. In fact, if you’re a newbie, calm, flat water is preferable.

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Orbis Paddle Boarding

Is this the right course for me? This class is intended to give a complete introduction to paddleboarding for individuals who have never tried the sport before or who would need additional experience before venturing out on their own.

What will I discover? During this 1.5-hour class, you will learn about water and lake environment safety, paddleboarding history, equipment, and, of course, fundamental paddleboarding techniques. By the conclusion of the class, you should feel comfortable renting equipment and paddleboarding without a guide, recreating a unique paddle boarding experience anytime you choose!

How many students are there in a class? A course will have a maximum of 7 participants and a minimum of 2.



Is this something I should do? Have you mastered the fundamentals of paddleboarding and want to progress to more advanced techniques? Perhaps you’re a newbie who likes one-on-one instruction. Whatever your goals, a private lesson will assist you in learning in a session that is completely personalised to you.

Do you have a friend or two that would want to join you? We also cater to private groups!

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Paddleboard Pricing!


CA$75 | 1 Hour Lessons

CA$112.50 | 1.5 Hour Lesson

CA$150 | 2 Hour Lesson



Before and after each use, all equipment is disinfected

Face Masks

All Orbis Sports staff will be wearing masks

Temperature Checks

Orbis Sports staff gets contactless temp checks

Distant Games

Distancing is included into the design of the games

Staff Are Sanitized

Sanitation is performed on a regular basis by Orbis Sports Coordinators

Distant Instructions

All staff instructions are socially distant


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