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What people are saying

  • “We had a great night because, for most of our students, it was a brand new experience. They had fun, burnt off a lot of energy and got to take out their aggression. A perfect event for our students! “

    - Mill Woods Christian Assembly

  • “Orbis Sports and the bubble suits added the exact element we needed for the continual success of our event…”

    - Dan Adcock, President, EGM Society, Kicking Out Bullying 2015

  • “Very flexible and professional staff. Great to see the core of the business being getting people active and engaged in sport. Also like that virtually anyone can participate and that it’s a safe, fun experience for all sorts of groups.”

    - John Sutherland, Senior Sales and Partnerships, FC Edmonton

  • “We were very thankful for the set up and training provided by the coaches. Adults and kids alike had a awesome time playing in the orbs. It created a large group of spectators who gathered to watch and photograph their loved ones and co-workers. Even traffic slowed down as they passed to watch!”

    - Paul Smith, Assistant Manager, London Drugs Jasper Gates Square

  • “I like the full service concept of Orbis Sports and they provided the varsity-athletes, at the University of Alberta, a new and unique way of having fun and staying active while doing it. It was a great introduction to what is to come in the future in the involvement of our two organizations.”

    - Fallon Dickie, Athletics Vice President, University of Alberta


What is the Orbis Action Sports Experience?

OrbisSports is Western Canada's leading bubble sports provider. Enjoy our fully coached, knock-your-socks-off fun games with over 10 bubble sports. Try a classic like soccer or baseball, or level up to bubble battle and bulldog! So many ways to play for youth, adults, parties, office parties and more.

OrbisLazerz is the future of action sports. Team up or go solo for a battle like no other. Completely customizable, choose from over 12 weapons with realistic sound effects. Aim like a pro with 5 scope options. Easy to use for any age and so realistic you'll be blasting and diving your way to fun!

OrbisArcherz is our new archery based action sport. Pick from a number of game styles and course layouts. Try to best your family, friends and/or workmates in an action packed match of skill and agility! Choose from popular game styles like team battle, double team, free for all and more!

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