No, we are service company that provides a full experience from equipment setup, coach and strategies to disassembly. We take care of the entire event providing a hassle free time for you and your association.

A typical event is an hour long. This includes most private functions however community, public and corporate events may last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours and large scale festivals for 3 days.

Orbis sports has 4 sizes of bubble suits that cater to all demographics of ages and sizes. Our small and medium bubbles fit small to narrow shoulders including adults and youths. Large and extra large bubble suits are tailored for bigger broader shoulders and hips. Ages 3 + are suitable for play.

At Orbis Sports we are flexible with the organization of your event. Either we can be used as an event add on or facilitate and entire event. When it comes to coaching we have a team of professional trainers that guide and facilitate each group towards there common interests (sports, kids games, custom games).

Orbis sports was a small town garage startup in Beaumont, Alberta, hosting events in fields, parks, community centres, gyms and sports complexes alike in and around Edmonton and the greater area. Our bookings are flexible we book either indoor or outdoor depending on your request rain, snow or sun shine!

Indoor – Either your choice or ours. We are mobile and able to come to a facility of your choosing or you can come to one of the select venues we have (indoor space will be an addition cost).

Outdoor – Either your choice or ours. We are mobile and able to come to a park or field near of your choosing or you can come to one of the select parks we choose. Park permits are required for public events.

Our events begin at $300 + GST this basic package includes coaching, equipment, setup and takedown. Which gives you 8 small bubbles or 6 large bubbles or the mix of the two.

Small and medium bubbles are $40 per bubble per hour.

Large to extra large bubbles are $50 per bubble per hour.

Typical events are 10 bubbles and range in between the cost of $400 to $500 with a mixture of sizes.

Participants at events are encouraged to switch out with other players allowing for participants to catch there breath and also engage with the excitement on the field.

10 bubbles = 20 – 30 participants

20 bubbles = 40 – 60 participants

You can contact us by phone at 780-907-5259 or click here 

Information that we require:

  • Age Range
  • Number Participants
  • Location
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Date and Time

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